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We are a consortium of experienced local Sicilian professionals, builders, craftsmen and tradespeople with a proven track record of excellence throughout the beautiful island of Sicily. With a reputation for reliability, honesty and quality workmanship, we offer you the convenience of working with trusted professionals, whose knowledge of the local areas in Sicily is unsurpassed.

We are Sicily renovation and house purchasing specialists. We guarantee a fair and honest estimate of what building or repairs will cost, how long the work will take, and what kind of red tape is needed. We are networked throughout Sicily, connected to experienced, reliable realtors, contractors and builders, all supervised by locally-based teams, who provide careful attention to detail and oversight of your project. We keep you updated with frequent progress reports, so you never have to worry about how your plan is progressing.

We specialize in helping foreign buyers to purchase and renovate properties in Sicily.

Our selection

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Many years ago, in the heart of Sicily, there where nature shows its wild beauty, a huge farmhouse was built...

Recent listings



Elegant historical villa immersed in 25000 sq m garden in Palermo area. 

€ 820.000 negotiable



SicilyRealty recommends this property located in the heart of Sciacca. 

€ 185.000



Suggestive cave located in one of the most charming historical courtyards in the center of Sciacca. € on request

We offer you a turnkey, one-stop shop for all your property purchase, renovation or rental needs in Sicily.

Our consortium offers services to deal with any type of operation involving real estate in Sicily, therefore:


If you would like to build a house...

We have properties for sale, and all the resources you will need to build your Sicilian dream home, even starting from just a building plot.

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Is your Sicilian ancestral home in need of remodel or repair?

We have all the local workers and professionals you need to design, renovate or rebuild.


You can depend on us for help with major or minor renovations including electrical repair, stone repair, roof repair, plumbing, etc., and the all-important compliance approval process.

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Do you want to buy a house?

Sicilyrealty will assist you in the whole process to buy a property, relieving you of all the practical and administrative duties

the presentation with renowned Sicilians who recommend SicilyRealty

1 Euro houses:
Let's make it clear

Where dreams come home​

Sicily by Sicilians!

What is the biggest fear for people who would like to buy, repair or rent a house in Sicily?
That the work takes too long, costs too much and they don’t understand the language.

We are a team of renowned, well-connected locals (realtors, builders, mayors, local officials, historians and artists) who can offer guidance and help.


Ready To Live

A list of houses ready to live, which do not require any renovation, selected by us with the utmost care, to offer you beautiful homes in places of interest, or absolute relaxation, or for a "change of life".

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To Be Renovated

​Ancient Sicilian country houses, historic buildings, or simple houses that with a renovation can become important residences, here we offer you great deals to rebuild with your taste and our support.

Visit our Cultural Department

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All you wanted to know about Sicily and nobody knows.

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